Racial Differences in Placebo Hypoalgesia

Research Summary

Autonomic nervous system activity in itch and pain

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a branch of the peripheral nervous system which exerts control over smooth muscles and glands. As the name suggests, the ANS is responsible for the largely unconscious regulation of bodily functions including …

Pain assessment following burn injury in Australia and New Zealand: Variation in prevalence and association on in-hospital outcomes

Pain is common following burn injury. Pain assessments are required to ensure appropriate pain management is provided. This study aimed to describe the prevalence and potential variation in practice of validated and documented pain assessment …

Improving Musculoskeletal Pain Care in Brazil Through Education: An Interview with Physiotherapist-Turned-Researcher Felipe Reis

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Looking to Toxins to Understand Pain: A Chat With Australian Pain Society 2020 Rising Star Samuel Robinson

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The Social Threats of COVID-19 for People With Chronic Pain

Full citation Karos K, McPharland J, Bunzli S, Devan H, Hirsh A, Kapos F, Keogh E, Moore D, Tracy LM, & Ashton-James C. (accepted 08/07/2020). The Social Threats of COVID-19 for People With Chronic Pain. PAIN.

Investigating the Mechanisms of Neuropathic Pain: An Interview With Margarita Calvo

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In the Search for New Drugs, the Migraine Field Wins the Day ─ Again

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2020 IASP World Congress on Pain Award Winners: An Interview With Jan Vollert

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Sports Psychology to Rehabilitation Medicine: An Interview with Shelley Wiechman

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