Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand 9th Annual Report


We are pleased to present the ninth Annual Report of the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ), covering the period between the 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018. The registry provides a comprehensive view of burn injury and its management in Australia and New Zealand: this year, all 17 specialist burns units (13 Australian sites and four New Zealand sites) contributed data on 3,459 cases.

Our report this year highlights a growing social and clinical problem – that of burns in the elderly. Older members of our society are frequently frail and may be poorly supported, or are the victims of neglect and abuse. They have relatively poor outcomes after burn injury, and decision making with respect to best management strategies can be difficult. Information from our registry can help to focus prevention strategies and ensure most appropriate treatments for this vulnerable group. Recovery after burns can be especially challenging for older people, who show tremendous determination and resilience, and we thank Noelene and her husband Bob for sharing their story with us some years after Noelene’s injury.


Full citation

Tracy, L.M., McInnes, J., Gong, J., Karunakaran, R., & Gabbe, B.J. (2019). Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand 9th Annual Report. Monash University, Melbourne.