Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand 2018/19 Annual Report


This report marks 10 years of co-operative effort in the ongoing evolution of the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand. The registry was established to provide cohesive reporting across the two nations regarding burn epidemiology and treatment, with the aim of minimising the incidence and severity of injury and ensuring the best treatment of those who are injured.

Our 10-year milestone also coincides with the completion, in 2019, of a 2-year HCF Research Foundation study using BRANZ data to quantify variation in practice in the management of serious burn injury between Australia and New Zealand burn units. This study showed significant variation in areas of practice fundamental to burn care between Australian and New Zealand burns units, and this is associated with differences in patient outcomes. This information provides the rationale for the establishment of a Burns Quality Improvement Program, which will provide the framework to identify practices associated with better patient outcomes, support quality improvement projects in burns units, and monitor the impact of changing practice on patient outcomes and hospital performance.


Full citation

Tracy, L.M., Rosenblum, S., & Gabbe, B.J. (2020). Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) 2018-19 Annual Report. Monash University, Melbourne.https://www.monash.edu/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/2191752/BRANZ-annual-report18_19_FINAL.pdf.