Since mid-2017 I have written and conducted interviews for the Pain Research Forum, RELIEF, BrainPost, and the Australian Pain Society Newsletter.

My interest in writing and science communication has been inspired by many sources, including my time at the North American Pain School, my involvement in Fresh Science, and people such as Dan Quintana, James Heathers, and Nate Fried.

A complete list of my freelance writing can be found here.

Pain Research Forum

Pain Research Forum is an interactive web community for investigators in academia, industry, medicine, and other fields who are working to translate basic neurobiology into new treatments for chronic pain. PRF aims to speed the rendering of new knowledge into novel therapies by improving information sharing between labs and the clinic, by fostering new collaborations among researchers, and by raising interest in pain research among a wider community of scientists and clinicians.


RELIEF, the sister site to PRF, aims to translate the full breadth and depth of pain research into easy to understand language and concepts for patients and the general public. In doing so, RELIEF hopes to raise awareness of chronic pain in society and help rally support for research.

Australian Pain Society eNewsletter

The Australian Pain Society is a multidisciplinary organisation aiming to minimise pain and related suffering through advocacy and leadership in clinical practice, education, and research. The monthly eNewsletter is a primary means of communication with APS members and the general public.


BrainPost is a weekly newsletter delivering concise summaries of the latest neuroscience research direct to your inbox. BrainPost aims to provide short, to the point research summaries written by neuroscientists and researchers to keep you informed on high-quality work, minus the hassle.

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Lincoln M. Tracy
Research Fellow and Freelance Writer