Improving Musculoskeletal Pain Care in Brazil Through Education: An Interview with Physiotherapist-Turned-Researcher Felipe Reis

Felipe Reis, PhD, is a professor in the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Department at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After completing his physiotherapy training at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, he undertook his masters and doctoral degrees at the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro. His research focuses on the neuroscience of emotion and pain, as well as on improving pain education for healthcare professionals in Brazil, particularly those who treat musculoskeletal pain conditions. Reis took time to talk with Lincoln Tracy, a research fellow at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and a freelance writer, to discuss his path to pain research, the challenges associated with musculoskeletal pain, the pain landscape in Brazil, and more.

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Published by RELIEF.

This piece has also been republished on Pain Research Forum.

Lincoln M. Tracy
Research Fellow and Freelance Writer