Understanding Placebo and Nocebo Effects: A Chat with Ben Colagiuri

Ben Colagiuri, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science and Leader of the Placebo Research Network at the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia. His research focuses on placebo and nocebo effects, associative learning, and psycho-oncology. Colagiuri sat down with Lincoln Tracy, a research fellow from Monash University, Australia, at the 2019 Australian Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting, which took place April 7-10, 2019, on the Gold Coast, Australia. He discussed his path to placebo and nocebo research, the development of a novel model for experimentally-induced nausea, and how the placebo research field has progressed.

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Published by Pain Research Forum.

Ben Colagiuri

Lincoln M. Tracy
Research Fellow and Freelance Writer